About Us

ChainGang is an indoor spin bike designed for adults to take part in live streaming classes in the home and for teenagers and children to play fast paced games whilst indoor cycling. A truly family, at home,  fitness and gaming product selling for CG 1.0 £660 to CG 3.0 £900 via online and retail locations.

It is a new entrant into the global fitness, esports and gaming market. The ChainGang proposition will combine fitness, technology, gamification and fun to create ground breaking products that will impact on very real 21st century issues surrounding time pressures, family bonding, stress, childhood obesity and teenage mental health, creating an industry leading technology that will deliver live steaming content via monthly subscriptions into the home.

This compelling product offering will provide exciting, daily live adult spin classes for fitness and on demand content for teenagers and children, which will marry together physical and mental engagement offered by the exciting new gaming platforms.

Launches Qt 1 2020